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Rev. Gerald F. Wicker PE, PLS is a retired licensed Professional Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor in the State of Mississippi doing surveys as Wicker and Associates. He received his B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from the University of South Alabama in 1984. He later received a M.A. degree in Worship Leadership from New Orleans Theological Seminary in 2013.


Rev. Wicker retired from the Mississippi Department of Transportation as a Professional Engineer in 2009. He owned and operated Wicker Engineering and Surveying Services, Inc. from January 1995 until it was acquired by E.A.S Resources Inc in October of 2016. He has been serving as pastor of Fayette Baptist Church in Jefferson County since 2011.


Wicker and Associates’ aim is to provide quality part-time land surveying services. Work is performed generally on Fridays and Saturdays only. Projects accepted are those which the field work is anticipated to be completed in twelve hours or less. Completed survey drawings, and if needed property descriptions, should be completed the following week.


                                 Wicker and Associates is not a full time business and may be closed periodically for various life events. 


Boundary Surveying




Rural Boundary Surveying




Urban Boundary Surveying


Services include:

  1. Locating, setting, and marking boundary corners

  2. Locating visible improvements on property

  3. Preparing survey drawing illustrating lot dimension, setbacks and improvement locations

  4. Mortgage surveys


Commercial Surveys

Services include the following:

  1. Locating, setting, and marking boundary corners

  2. Locating visible improvements on property

  3. Preparing suitable survey drawing illustrating property dimensions, easement locations, and visible improvements


Cost Estimator

A preliminary estimate for Rural Survey cost calculator is provided as a guide only. This calculator provides a price range that generally reflects the anticipated cost for a boundary survey of certain acreage and geometric shape. The minimum charge for a boundary survey is $850. For additional estimates, please contact us.



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