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Land Survey Cost Estimator

A Preliminary Estimate for Rural Survey Cost Calculator is provided as a guide only. This calculator provides a price range that generally reflects the anticipated cost for a boundary survey of certain acreage and geometric shape. For a more accurate estimate, please contact us at either the Natchez or the Smithdale branch.

*For Rural Surveys Only*

Enter Number of Sides:
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For a Free Cost Estimate or Fixed Fee Price including other types of surveys, please call either the Natchez or the Smithdale branch.

What does a person need to do in order to receive an estimate for the cost to provide a Land Survey?

To receive an estimate of costs for a survey from Wicker Engineering and Surveying Services, Inc. takes very little effort and is easier than you may think.  W.E.S.S first needs a copy of your Warranty Deed in which a description of your land helps determine an accurate estimate (either send by United State Postal Service or fax).  If you do not wish to provide the Warranty Deed, you can provide other information found on the Survey Request Form that will permit W.E.S.S to get a copy from the courthouse. The cost of a Land Survey is directly related to the total time and effort involved for the survey.  When receiving an estimate for a land survey please keep in mind that W.E.S.S. uses years of experience and knowledge of the area when calculating an estimate for you.

The following Factors Affect the Cost of a Survey
1. Accessibility: Distance from office, roadways availability, gates, neighbors etc.
2. Existing Evidence of Property: Survey markers, Fence corners, Witness trees,
3. Record of Survey Plat: Copy of survey plat previously done for property
4. Research/Records Search: Detail of Courthouse research required to ascertain legal boundary.
5. Sectionalized Survey: A sectional rural boundary survey which requires the surveyor to measure out an entire section (1 square mile or more) can increase the cost of the survey.
6. Shape and Size of Property: A square property is usually less expensive to survey than other shapes.. The more complex the shape or number of lines the more expensive the survey.
7. Terrain: Hills, gulleys, bayous or wetlands, swamps
8. Time of Year: Extreme temperature, rain
9. Vegetation: dense underbrush

Prices will vary among surveyors. We, at Wicker Engineering, suggest selecting a Land Surveyor based on experience and reputation rather than the price of the estimate alone.